Email Overload: Download a Free Copy of David Allen’s Email Rules

Having problems managing email? David Allen, author of Getting Things Done and inspiration for a lot of posts 'round these parts, gives away a free four-page PDF at his website that covers his basic principals for keeping email organized. Getting specific without going too in-depth, he explains the 'two minute rule,' why action-able emails should … Continue reading Email Overload: Download a Free Copy of David Allen’s Email Rules

49% of Small Business Owners use a Smartphone

"Over the past few years, it seems that a few mobile devices — laptops, Bluetooth headsets, and increasingly, smartphones — have become ubiquitous among business people. The days of the pager are gone. Small business owners seem to be outpacing the rest of America in smartphone adoption, according to a recent survey of nearly 10,000 … Continue reading 49% of Small Business Owners use a Smartphone

Ummm. Helloooooo!?

This is why they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The Oatmeal has communicated volumes about how the world perceives your email with one image: You can move to the top with one simple tool: Google Apps! Google Apps allows you to attach Gmail and other powerful business apps to your internet … Continue reading Ummm. Helloooooo!?

Handling Email; 5+ emails you should filter

Image via CrunchBaseEmail is such a simple tool but it makes or breaks so many people's productivity and it breaks my heart to see how many people struggle with handling it..."How many emails do you have in your inbox right now? Are you an inbox zero freak like me? Or do you have emails piled … Continue reading Handling Email; 5+ emails you should filter

Tactic #8: Use ‘branded’ email

I took a little time off from my 'tactics and tools' series -- no one's paying attention in December anyway, right? 😉 Now that everyone's waking up from the holidays it's time to get back on track with tactic #8 -- using 'branded' email. 'Branded' email? What's that? 'Branded' email is email that comes from … Continue reading Tactic #8: Use ‘branded’ email

Maintaining “Inbox Zero” with Google Apps

Image via CrunchBaseThis is the article I wish I had written about how Google Apps, Remember the Milk and Firefox work together to make you more productive in email..."If I have more than 30 unread messages at any one time, I break into a cold sweat. So as a result, until recently I couldn’t imagine … Continue reading Maintaining “Inbox Zero” with Google Apps

Catch the Wave…

Image via CrunchBase Google Wave be the most innovative email tool since the dawn of email itself and the first 100k users have received access... "Google Wave is one of the most anticipated new products to come out of Google this year. Technology blogs have been abuzz with excitement about this new communications and collaboration … Continue reading Catch the Wave…

Are you master of your own domain?

Image via CrunchBase Image via CrunchBase No, I'm not talking Seinfeld here. 😉 Do you own your internet domain? I thought I did, but when I purchased it, I made a huge mistake -- I got it through Google when I set up Google Apps. Don't get me wrong -- I love Google Apps! What … Continue reading Are you master of your own domain?