Facebook page vs. websites; Guy vs. Todd

Image via Wikipedia I've been following industry oracle Guy Kawasaki for over 25 years and I agree with him almost all of the time. He was right about the Mac, he's right about Posterous and he's right about Alltop. He's right about so many things. When he speaks, I take notes. This time, however, I … Continue reading Facebook page vs. websites; Guy vs. Todd

How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

via makeuseof.com Same applies to websites or almost any other type of technical work. If you've heard me speak, I'm always talking about "good, fast, and cheap" tools. There are a few -- like Google Apps for Business -- that are all three! Comment, call or use the contact form to connect so we can … Continue reading How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

Sex and Smartphones, part 2

Yesterday, I said... "Speaking of sex and smartphones or maybe sexy smartphones, I’m going to take this opportunity to rant about the iPhone AND Android phones for a moment. Excuse my language, but they both suck -- that’s right — they suck! Why the iPhone? Because #1 it’s a closed system — yeah, there’s an … Continue reading Sex and Smartphones, part 2

Do yourself a favor…

...and use Google Apps! I had a chat with a business owner yesterday who was still using a pop mail account to run his business -- scheduling meetings with his partners is a nightmare! Enter Google Apps! Here's a quick overview... Contact me! I'll be happy to talk you through it because your organization needs … Continue reading Do yourself a favor…

Become a Gmail master!

Gmail recently kicked butt in a Mashable poll asking users for their favorite email client. Adam Pash writes... "Way back in 2006, I showed you my favorite tips, tricks, and tools for making the most of Gmail. A lot has changed in the Gmail world since then, so much so that it seemed like a … Continue reading Become a Gmail master!

How Many Impressions Does it Really Take?

via marketingsavant.com I came across a mention of this today and thought it appropriate to share.  This is dated advice. Dated from 1885 to be more specific! Thomas Smith, a London Businessman, wrote a guide called Successful Advertising in 1885. The sayings he used are still being used today and form the foundation for the … Continue reading How Many Impressions Does it Really Take?

Tactic #6: Be known

Image via CrunchBase I had an interesting discussion about privacy at Agritechnica with a strong proponent of privacy on the internet. To me, however, having let that Genie out of the bottle long ago I'm a strong proponent of transparency on the internet. I see it as being a competitive advantage because "consumers can relate … Continue reading Tactic #6: Be known

Are You A Slave to Your Email?

Image by adria.richards via Flickr When did you last check your email? I'd bet it was within the last hour. Quite possibly within the last ten minutes. You might well have your inbox open right now, with message alerts jumping up at you. Almost everyone I talk to feels that email takes up too much … Continue reading Are You A Slave to Your Email?

Happy belated bday, Gmail!

Image by Yes, i'm guccio via FlickrIn what was considered by many to be a typical Google April Fools Day prank, Google announced Gmail 6 years ago today..."On April 1, 2004, Gmail was launched as an invite-only beta, instantly creating a revolution in the webmail space. Googles decision to keep their webmail invite-only kept spammers … Continue reading Happy belated bday, Gmail!

iPhone, SchmiPhone…

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=357k_8t0QMw Yeah, the iPhone is all that and a bag of chips as we say in Wisconsin, but what if you don't use AT&T and don't want to switch carriers? Or worse yet! You can get AT&T but they won't sell you an iPhone because they don't have coverage there [happened to a friend of … Continue reading iPhone, SchmiPhone…