Tactic #6: Be known

Image via CrunchBase I had an interesting discussion about privacy at Agritechnica with a strong proponent of privacy on the internet. To me, however, having let that Genie out of the bottle long ago I'm a strong proponent of transparency on the internet. I see it as being a competitive advantage because "consumers can relate … Continue reading Tactic #6: Be known

Are You A Slave to Your Email?

Image by adria.richards via Flickr When did you last check your email? I'd bet it was within the last hour. Quite possibly within the last ten minutes. You might well have your inbox open right now, with message alerts jumping up at you. Almost everyone I talk to feels that email takes up too much … Continue reading Are You A Slave to Your Email?

Google Apps: Too cheap to ignore?

"I've had a few conversations with IT executives from Fortune 500 companies in the past several weeks, and I've been surprised by how often a new enterprise-software company kept getting mentioned. The company?Google.Google has the problem of putting finish on a lot of its products, leaving things in eternal beta, but the price point for … Continue reading Google Apps: Too cheap to ignore?

Happy belated bday, Gmail!

Image by Yes, i'm guccio via FlickrIn what was considered by many to be a typical Google April Fools Day prank, Google announced Gmail 6 years ago today..."On April 1, 2004, Gmail was launched as an invite-only beta, instantly creating a revolution in the webmail space. Googles decision to keep their webmail invite-only kept spammers … Continue reading Happy belated bday, Gmail!

iPhone, SchmiPhone…

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=357k_8t0QMw Yeah, the iPhone is all that and a bag of chips as we say in Wisconsin, but what if you don't use AT&T and don't want to switch carriers? Or worse yet! You can get AT&T but they won't sell you an iPhone because they don't have coverage there [happened to a friend of … Continue reading iPhone, SchmiPhone…

Email Overload: Download a Free Copy of David Allen’s Email Rules

Having problems managing email? David Allen, author of Getting Things Done and inspiration for a lot of posts 'round these parts, gives away a free four-page PDF at his website that covers his basic principals for keeping email organized. Getting specific without going too in-depth, he explains the 'two minute rule,' why action-able emails should … Continue reading Email Overload: Download a Free Copy of David Allen’s Email Rules