The folks at Lifehacker took a poll on the top calendaring applications. Here are the results... "Nothing's more important to your productivity arsenal than a solid scheduling tool, and considering so much of what we do happens at the computer, a good calendar application is just the thing to bring order to your agenda. On … Continue reading Calendars…

Sex and Smartphones, part 2

Yesterday, I said... "Speaking of sex and smartphones or maybe sexy smartphones, I’m going to take this opportunity to rant about the iPhone AND Android phones for a moment. Excuse my language, but they both suck -- that’s right — they suck! Why the iPhone? Because #1 it’s a closed system — yeah, there’s an … Continue reading Sex and Smartphones, part 2

Do yourself a favor…

...and use Google Apps! I had a chat with a business owner yesterday who was still using a pop mail account to run his business -- scheduling meetings with his partners is a nightmare! Enter Google Apps! Here's a quick overview... Contact me! I'll be happy to talk you through it because your organization needs … Continue reading Do yourself a favor…

Become a Gmail master!

Gmail recently kicked butt in a Mashable poll asking users for their favorite email client. Adam Pash writes... "Way back in 2006, I showed you my favorite tips, tricks, and tools for making the most of Gmail. A lot has changed in the Gmail world since then, so much so that it seemed like a … Continue reading Become a Gmail master!

“There’s a map for that”

Image by jimrenaud via Flickr While the Vikings were sticking it to the Packers on Monday Night Football, Verizon was sticking it to Apple and AT&T in the only way they really could; on the issue of reliability and connectivity... Recently, I had the chance to use both my BlackBerry Curve and an iPhone 3Gs … Continue reading “There’s a map for that”

CloudBook Product Diary

I have great hopes for this product, but the experience of this reviewer is not so hot... "Everex's CloudBook aims to one-up the Asus Eee PC with a larger hard drive and a flashy new operating system.  Along with our review of the CloudBook, we're taking a closer look by using this new UMPC to … Continue reading CloudBook Product Diary

How Many Impressions Does it Really Take?

via I came across a mention of this today and thought it appropriate to share.  This is dated advice. Dated from 1885 to be more specific! Thomas Smith, a London Businessman, wrote a guide called Successful Advertising in 1885. The sayings he used are still being used today and form the foundation for the … Continue reading How Many Impressions Does it Really Take?