Over 100 Stories Told with @Storify!

I've officially told over 100 stories with Storify so I guess you can say that I officially love it! Thanks to the guys at Storify -- especially Burt and Jeff -- who make and support such a great technology. I think the future of blogging looks a lot like Storify... Here are some of my … Continue reading Over 100 Stories Told with @Storify!

Blogging is actually very EFFICIENT!

In many ways, blogging is no more difficult than sending an email and much more effective in the long run... "If you're a great baker or known for your mad IT skills, chances are you get asked the same things over and over again. You probably also end up fielding distress calls from frantic friends … Continue reading Blogging is actually very EFFICIENT!

Google Reader 201

Image via CrunchBaseWhile I'm reluctant to recommend any tool by Yahoo! [this includes Flickr, etc.] due to their uncertain future, I found a need for Yahoo! Pipes today. What is Pipes?The tool consists of two major components: an interface, called an editor, where a Pipe is put together; and an execution engine that runs the … Continue reading Google Reader 201

Is Content Marketing Worth the Effort?

We preach it every week. Attract the right kind of traffic by creating exceptional content. Engage your audience so they know, like, and trust you. Let them know you’re the likable expert who’s going to give them the information (and eventually the products and services) that won’t let them down. Then use smart copywriting and … Continue reading Is Content Marketing Worth the Effort?

Correcting One Thing at a Time

Corporate athletes have recently (in the last decade) been schooled in the concept of working on strengths and exploiting them to gain leverage in their careers (via such books as Now Discover Your Strengths).  In our early careers, we were likely (at least I was) told to work on our weaknesses. It was a challenge … Continue reading Correcting One Thing at a Time