How to Cope with the Death of Google Reader

Sonia Simone at CopyBlogger has a post worth your attention on the death of Google Reader: You know the stages. First, denial. “No way, dude, that’s got to be a rumor.” Then anger. “Don’t Be Evil my $%&! How could they do this to me?” Bargaining. “Could a new version of Google Reader really save … Continue reading How to Cope with the Death of Google Reader

Feedly mobile is fixed!

...and everything is right in my 'Personal News Aggregation' universe. For about a week, I was having problems syncing my accounts on feedly and Google Reader and it was really frustrating -- especially since it has always worked so well in the past. As you can see, however, my desktop version... the same as … Continue reading Feedly mobile is fixed!

How to make feedly your default rss reader in Chrome

Do you love feedly as much as I do? Here's a short 3 minute lesson on how to make it your default rss reader: Here's the text to copy and paste: Of course, you can also subscribe using the Feedly Mini button but if you're used to using that RSS icon this will … Continue reading How to make feedly your default rss reader in Chrome

Beyond Google Reader

Image via CrunchBaseWhen you've mastered Google Reader, what do you do next? Beyond the continual process of whittling down your trusted news sources to the ones that actually deliver for you, you can also apply Yahoo! Pipes. While I'm reluctant to recommend any tool by Yahoo! [this includes Flickr, etc.] due to their uncertain financial … Continue reading Beyond Google Reader

7 social media tools for the news media

If I were a news media journalist what social media tools would I use to make my job easier? I attended a social media panel this morning hosted by news media journalists moving into the social media space and it made me think a lot about what tools I would use if I were in … Continue reading 7 social media tools for the news media

Google Reader and Feedly

John Jantsch is validating what I've been telling you for months... "If you use an RSS reader to subscribe to and read blogs (and you should) then you know what a great tool it can be to keep you up to date, well-read and inspired. I’ve used the free Google Reader tool for a long … Continue reading Google Reader and Feedly