The Working Inbox

"Today, I was firing off a couple of emails when I noticed that the message count in the top corner said, “483 Messages”! I decided enough was enough and began doing some more research into managing my inbox. I checked up on,, and a few others to see what was going on. One … Continue reading The Working Inbox

Some good email advice…

...from a reputable source..."Want to be sure that you are a valuable member of the team? Well, then don’t annoy your coworkers with your email habits. Or worse, don’t annoy your superiors. “Since email is now the number one business communication tool it’s become the best way to trumpet your value and save your job,” … Continue reading Some good email advice…

2,433 Unread Emails?

Does this sound familiar?"I routinely declare email bankruptcy and simply delete my entire inbox. But even so, I currently have 2,433 unread emails in my inbox. Plus another 721 in my Facebook inbox. and about thirty skype message windows open with unanswered messages. It goes without saying, of course, that my cell phone voicemail box … Continue reading 2,433 Unread Emails?

Are You A Slave to Your Email?

Image by adria.richards via Flickr When did you last check your email? I'd bet it was within the last hour. Quite possibly within the last ten minutes. You might well have your inbox open right now, with message alerts jumping up at you. Almost everyone I talk to feels that email takes up too much … Continue reading Are You A Slave to Your Email?

Some thoughts on better contact management…

I recently came across this post from my Internet buddy Brandon Henak and I've been thinking about it all week. It was about using Plaxo for unified contact management and it went like this..."The people in your network and the relationships you develop with them are some of your most valuable assets as a young … Continue reading Some thoughts on better contact management…

Why email won’t die anytime soon

Image via CrunchBase If you follow the tech media, you’ll know that every few months, some journalist or blogger will start speculating about the imminent demise of email. Headlines along the lines of “Email is Dying” or “The Death of Email” show up in RSS feeds all over the place. You know the drill. This … Continue reading Why email won’t die anytime soon

Email Overload: Download a Free Copy of David Allen’s Email Rules

Having problems managing email? David Allen, author of Getting Things Done and inspiration for a lot of posts 'round these parts, gives away a free four-page PDF at his website that covers his basic principals for keeping email organized. Getting specific without going too in-depth, he explains the 'two minute rule,' why action-able emails should … Continue reading Email Overload: Download a Free Copy of David Allen’s Email Rules