Facebook’s Purchase of Instagram; Another Look

Cool 'infographic' from Tony Shin! Created by: Online MBA Programs Related articles Why Did Facebook Buy Instagram for $1 Billion?? (newspapergrl.com) How Instagram Went From Zero To $1 Billion In 17 Months [Infographic] (socialtimes.com) Facebook purchases top foursquare API client Instagram (aboutfoursquare.com) Facebook's Instagram Purchase Spurs Account Deletion Posts (v3im.com) Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 … Continue reading Facebook’s Purchase of Instagram; Another Look

Publish or Perish 2.0

Yesterday I spoke at an in-service day for teachers at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College on the topic of social media for academic thought leaders. Here's my preso... Publish or Perish 2.0 http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=nwtcpreso-120111043946-phpapp02&stripped_title=publish-or-perish-20&userName=toddlohenry View more presentations from e1evation, llc

Five Ways to Write Magnificent Copy

Most writing could be better. Not just a little better — significantly better. If you start out with a solid topic, a good knowledge of your audience, and a reasonable degree of writing ability, you’ll usually end up with a pretty good piece of writing. But you don’t have to settle for “pretty good.” A … Continue reading Five Ways to Write Magnificent Copy

Social Media for Parents…

Sorry for being so goofy lately, but after speaking on 'Facebook for Fun and Profit' for 'Link Greater Green Bay' on Wednesday, I couldn't pass this one up...  http://www.theonion.com/content/themes/common/assets/onn_embed/embedded_player.swf?image=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theonion.com%2Fcontent%2Ffiles%2Fimages%2FE-Mom_article_9_1.jpg&videoid=97699&title=Facebook%2C%20Twitter%20Revolutionizing%20How%20Parents%20Stalk%20Their%20College-Aged%20Kids Related articles HOW TO: Talk to Children About Online Safety (mashable.com) I am an iParent (gatorgamers.wordpress.com) Parents Are Snooping on Facebook (appscout.com) Parents Talk How Old … Continue reading Social Media for Parents…

Start me up!

An inside look at my morning routine and the tools I use to bring e1evation.com together... httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFHGIoLhyQQ In case you missed it, I've covered Google Reader in depth here, Feedly here, Gist here, and Shareaholic here... btw, I'm aware this not my best video yet, but I'm learning to use Camtasia which is a powerful, … Continue reading Start me up!

Meeting Dr. DiSalvo

I recently had the honor of meeting the new president of Marian University, Dr. Steven DiSalvo. The words on the Marian Website cannot do justice to the man I met... "Dr. Steven DiSalvo currently serves the Marian University community as President. Bringing to Marian a wealth of experience in higher education and philanthropic fundraising leadership, … Continue reading Meeting Dr. DiSalvo

Google Apps For Education

"Google Apps is free for schools. It allows students and teachers to create documents(Word, Excel, PowerPoint), share calendars, chat and more for free on-line. It is an excellent tool to provide elearning.'Frantic troubleshooting by an overworked staff versus someone else fixing problems smoothly. A sliver of server space per person versus a five-gigabyte chunk. Half … Continue reading Google Apps For Education

Does the internet make you happy?

Apparently so say the Brits... "There are those who believe that too much time spent on the Internet makes people less social and causes them to lose touch with the real world, but a new British study released today found that access to the Internet and the web, and especially to social networks such as … Continue reading Does the internet make you happy?

Want a Raise? Find Out What Your Job is Worth

As a blogger, I get paid in bags of stale Tootsie Rolls. Is that good? I have no idea. Actually, I am getting a better idea of what my job is worth now that I have checked out some salary comparison sites. Specifically, I I’ve found out that there are places you can blog where … Continue reading Want a Raise? Find Out What Your Job is Worth