How I Find Time To Make Media

'Thought leadership' marketing takes time! Here's one man's perspective on taking that time to 'make media' as he says... This is a chicken or the egg causality dilemma for me: as I create more media, my media consumption has changed or my media consumption has changed, hence I’m able to create more media. I really don’t know … Continue reading How I Find Time To Make Media

How and Why I Still Devour Blogs

Image via Wikipedia 2011 marks my eighth year of blogging. In that time I’ve logged over 2500 blog posts, acquired around 143,000 subscribers and had this blog named by the likes of Forbes magazine as their favorite for both marketing and small business. If this asset has delivered any measure of success I can tell … Continue reading How and Why I Still Devour Blogs

Facebook is not the house

"These days I can’t get through a presentation on the use of social media in marketing without someone inquiring whether they should use Facebook as the primary web presence for their business. “I mean, it’s free and look at all these cools tools you can add to your Fan Page.” Let me be very clear … Continue reading Facebook is not the house

Consume, create, connect!

John Jantsch recently wrote on the topic of "Profiting from other people's content". He says... "Don't be alarmed by that title -- I'm not talking about stealing content for gain, I'm talking about adding the filtering and aggregating of content to your content consumption, creation and sharing routine. Pretty much everyone has bought into the … Continue reading Consume, create, connect!

Will blogging become essential for lawyers to establish trust?

Image via Wikipedia In order to establish trust these days, producing helpful content for your target audience is essential. This per John Jantsch, publisher of Duct Tape Marketing, a leading resource on small business marketing. ...[P]eople today have come to expect to find information about any product, service, company, individual, cause or challenge they face … Continue reading Will blogging become essential for lawyers to establish trust?

Easy Posting for Blogging Experts and First Timers Alike

I´m pleased to share with ThePRLawyer audience another amazing tool for public relations and marketing professionals called This website is designed for just about anyone to post music, videos, pictures and content on the Internet just by sending an email. There are options for first-time bloggers with simple instructions to get started and more … Continue reading Easy Posting for Blogging Experts and First Timers Alike

Google Reader and Feedly

John Jantsch is validating what I've been telling you for months... "If you use an RSS reader to subscribe to and read blogs (and you should) then you know what a great tool it can be to keep you up to date, well-read and inspired. I’ve used the free Google Reader tool for a long … Continue reading Google Reader and Feedly