Why most bloggers fail…

...no matter how hard they try... If you visit your favorite blogging tips and marketing tips blog today, you will come across a lot of tips, ranging from tips on writing well to tips on building an audience. The reality is that a lot of new blogs spring up every day, and the majority of … Continue reading Why most bloggers fail…

11 Lessons Learned From Podcasting

Image via Wikipedia "We all know that there is growing agreement that podcasts are a great way to share your thought-leading content. According to a study released by KnowledgeStorm and Universal McCann on the emerging role of new media, over 41 percent of survey respondents claimed they had listened to podcasts on more than one … Continue reading 11 Lessons Learned From Podcasting

Want to be a successful blogger?

Image by toprankonlinemarketing via FlickrTamar Weinberg's got you covered. Here are some characteristics she says you'll need...A few weeks ago, I posted about the seven characteristics of highly effective online video. Taking this theme a little further, I decided to branch out into the blogosphere, but using the number seven this time around was a … Continue reading Want to be a successful blogger?

Sawheet! The really simple RSS guide…

http://static.issuu.com/webembed/viewers/style1/v1/IssuuViewer.swf?mode=embed&viewMode=presentation&layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Flight%2Flayout.xml&showFlipBtn=true&documentId=090727205245-d083e8eaaebf482f9eb9d77baa8c1912&docName=really-simple-rss-guide&username=matthewtommasi&loadingInfoText=Really%20Simple%20RSS%20Guide&et=1250024011081&er=22 Open publication - Free publishing - More guide

7 Reasons Your Blog Is Failing

Setting up a blog is not that difficult. In fact, most people can easily use WordPress or Blogger to set one up in a matter of minutes. With the sheer number of blogs today, estimated at 126 million by BlogPulse, only a very small percent of them are actually active and good. The vast majority … Continue reading 7 Reasons Your Blog Is Failing

23 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You From Blogging

There’s an 800-pound gorilla in the room and we haven’t really addressed it yet. We talk about how to blog and some techniques to make it easier. We even talk about some places and ways to get ideas for blogs, but one thing we don’t talk about a lot is that sometimes you just don’t … Continue reading 23 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You From Blogging

Top 20 Free Applications to Increase Your Productivity

"The Internet is loaded with free software, making it hard to know which one’s you really need. This article will act as your guide to the top 20 free applications (Web and Windows) for increased productivity." Click here to read more... Don't forget to check Google Pack and Ninite to grab some of this software!

10 Reasons Why New Blogs Fail

Many bloggers don’t even make it to a full year. The truth is, blogging is much more difficult than most people realize. It seems easy enough, keep an online diary on a topic you love and people will read it, right? Wrong. I’ve witnessed so many blogs rev up…and burn right back down. Avoid these … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why New Blogs Fail

Mr. Rogers on blogging

Are you a blogger?"As bloggers, we put a lot of effort into telling our readers how to do things.We believe that if we can just give them enough informative content that they’ll subscribe to our blog and never leave. We try to become the best teacher we possibly can, instilling wisdom down into short, usable … Continue reading Mr. Rogers on blogging

TGIM 2/8/2010

I love Mondays! I get to go back to work at my quiet office with a supercomputer and a fast internet connection! Can't wait... In the meantime, Lifehacker is rating the five best Podcast managers... "Podcasts offer a fantastic way to catch up news, listen to radio shows, and get great media delivered right to … Continue reading TGIM 2/8/2010