Coping With Email Overload

Peter Bregman posted this at Psychology Today… I’ve come to the conclusion that I use email to distract myself. Whenever I feel the least bit uneasy, I check my email. Stuck while writing an article? Bored on a phone call? Standing in an elevator, frustrated in a meeting, anxious about an interaction? Might as well … Continue reading Coping With Email Overload

Email Is Not Broken; We Are

Here’s an interesting perspective on the ‘problem’ of email… There's a constant flow of "email is/is not broken" articles across the internet, but most of them miss the point. Email as a system is not broken, but we, through our email behaviors, are. Nearly all of the articles written recently about fixing email have concentrated … Continue reading Email Is Not Broken; We Are

Getting Things Done [GTD] and content marketing

I maintain that 'how do I add content marketing to my plate and still get home for supper?' is one of the most pressing issues in social media today. The pundits all say that this is the year for curation and content marketing but not a lot of experts are giving direction to thought leaders … Continue reading Getting Things Done [GTD] and content marketing

How to Manage Email Overload with some help from your RSS Reader

Here's a post on one of my favorite topics. Save your inbox for 'just in time' information by sending all your 'just in case' information to your newsfeed reader... "If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of email messages that hit your Inbox daily, try these new ideas that may help reduce your overall … Continue reading How to Manage Email Overload with some help from your RSS Reader

2,433 Unread Emails?

Does this sound familiar?"I routinely declare email bankruptcy and simply delete my entire inbox. But even so, I currently have 2,433 unread emails in my inbox. Plus another 721 in my Facebook inbox. and about thirty skype message windows open with unanswered messages. It goes without saying, of course, that my cell phone voicemail box … Continue reading 2,433 Unread Emails?