I’m speaking today on the benefits of “Social CRM”…

...featuring a tool called Gist and you can see it here over the internet! Here's a brief outline of my intro: This event is hosted by my friend Dana VanDen Heuvel at The Docking Station in Green Bay, however, thanks to the new functionality in Google+ of being able to broadcast a hangout over the … Continue reading I’m speaking today on the benefits of “Social CRM”…

Recommended Reading; Brand Stand

I just started digging into Craig Bading's book "Brand Stand" and it looks very promising... There is a growing need among consumers for brand authenticity and informative content from which they can make up their own minds. Audiences are asking for and, in some cases, demanding true engagement with their brands. With the expectations and … Continue reading Recommended Reading; Brand Stand

12 experts on the key thought leadership trends for 2012

Craig Badings has put together an epic post on thought leadership trends for 2012. He starts… I asked 12 people who I consider to be leading global commentators on thought leadership as well as a couple who have produced some amazing thought leadership programs in-house over the years to comment on four critical thought leadership … Continue reading 12 experts on the key thought leadership trends for 2012

Thought leadership humor

http://www.xtranormal.com/site_media/swf/flvplayer.swf via xtranormal.com Dana VanDen Heuvel shared this with me as something we need to show at our social media bootcamp today. Had to share it here! btw, there's still time to sign up. You can get more info here... Related articles Am I a thought leader? (e1evation.com) So you wanna be a thought leader? … Continue reading Thought leadership humor

Am I a thought leader?

Here's a bonus for paying attention late on a Friday afternoon. Super smart social media guy Dana VanDen Heuvel just went nuts and posted almost everything he has ever written on Scribd. Here's a sample that he used in our panel discussion on 'Thought Leadership Marketing' just yesterday... Am I a Thought Leader? Self-Diagnostic Test … Continue reading Am I a thought leader?

95 Days of Cluetrain for 2011

Image via Wikipedia Dana VanDen Heuvel says...Back in 2000, I picked up a book at Barnes & Noble in Long Beach, CA.  The Cluetrain Manifesto (affiliate link) was on the end cap display and having been involved in “Internet stuff” for a while for a few years, I was keen to explore what the book … Continue reading 95 Days of Cluetrain for 2011

So you wanna be a thought leader?

Here's what I'm thinking at the close of the weekend and the start of a new week... To paraphrase my good friend Dana VanDen Heuvel of MarketingSavant, the difference between a thinker and a thought leader is that while the thinker has a point of view, the thought leader has a PUBLIC point of view; … Continue reading So you wanna be a thought leader?