On Effective Business Development

Some people like to make things overly complicated. Me? Sometimes I like to grossly oversimplify things and take them back to the basics. Example? 'Thought leadership' marketing. To my mind, if you want to be a thought leader there are only two things you need to do well: Deepen your expertise through a continuous learning … Continue reading On Effective Business Development

An important announcement from e1evation, llc

e1evation, llc announces that Todd Lohenry has been named the interim VP of Marketing, Sales and Technology at Jag, Inc., one of Northeast Wisconsin’s oldest and most trusted names in advertising. There are two objectives behind the move: Introduce internal systems and process improvements at Jag, Inc. Jag, Inc. has already migrated from Microsoft Exchange … Continue reading An important announcement from e1evation, llc

It’s not easy being social

Image by tysongoodridge via FlickrBetter said "It's easy, but not simple". Jay Baer's got some great thoughts on adding social media to your mix..."Social media isn't inexpensive, it's different expensive. In the QA portion of recent speeches, I've frequently been asked this is great, but doesn't it seem like it will take a lot of … Continue reading It’s not easy being social

Salesforce.com Enticement Program: Migrate with Ease

Another sign of growing customer dissatisfaction with Salesforce.com... "Salesboom.com™ leading vendor of Software-as-a-Service CRM Software Solutions today announced the implementation of their Salesforce.com Enticement Program which is designed for displeased Salesforce.com customers who are looking to migrate to another CRM provider. Businesses who migrate to Salesboom.com On-Demand CRM Solutions receive a $5,000 check and a … Continue reading Salesforce.com Enticement Program: Migrate with Ease