A Primer for Blogging; thoughts on 3,000 posts…

Just in time for this ‘milestone’ post, Chris Brogan provided this handy list that I’ll use as a preamble to what it is that I already wanted to share with you… If you would like to get further into blogging, here is a brief primer: Get a blog. (Easy: tumblr.com, wordpress.com, blogger.com. Better: host your … Continue reading A Primer for Blogging; thoughts on 3,000 posts…

The Opportunity for Business

Chris Brogan starts the week with a very zen-like perspective on social media… A lot of what we do in social networks certainly seems busy and active. We tweet. We share. We pass on articles (sometimes because we’ve been asked/begged/pleaded with to share them). We skim a lot. We glance over a post or concept … Continue reading The Opportunity for Business

Be known

I had an interesting opportunity to sit on a panel of 'experts' yesterday and advise website development students on how they should develop a portfolio of their work and present it to prospective hiring authorities or clients. To be honest, I don't know how I got on the panel; the others were truly experts -- … Continue reading Be known

97 Ideas for Building a Valuable Platform

Looking to sink your teeth into some good strategic thoughts for a Saturday? Chris Brogan’s got you covered… 2012 is the year where social media oversaturation hits hard. We will scale back on our participation in social networks, and we will most certainly scale back who we choose to follow as sources. This won’t be … Continue reading 97 Ideas for Building a Valuable Platform


Here's my new, favorite Firefox plugin... "Shareaholic makes it easy for you to submit the web page you're on to your favorite sharing or bookmarking service, including: digg, del.icio.us, facebook, friendfeed, google bookmarks, google reader notes, kaboodle, magnolia, mixx, myspace, pownce, reddit, stumbleupon, tumblr, twitter, and ycombinator. You can also e-mail the web page directly … Continue reading Shareaholic…

Write Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Future

First Impressions First, your headline matters. It’s what people see when they accept your invite, and it’s probably the fastest first impression one receives. If you work for a company, put that name in the headline. When I don’t see a company name, I wonder if you’re solo. Your Summary Here’s where I think the … Continue reading Write Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Future

Ask Better Questions

Image by petermello via Flickr If you want better answers, ask better questions. I most recently heard that by listening to a Tony Robbins CD (wrote about that here), but I’ve heard it before. The thing is, with all good advice, if you don’t hear it often, it falls under the waves. So, I’m here … Continue reading Ask Better Questions