Wisconsin has an IT worker shortage

"A common perception is that in the aftermath of the dotcom crash of 2001, the market remains flooded with information technology (IT) workers with skills, but no jobs.However, the reality is just the opposite. In fact, an IT worker shortage is hitting companies across the nation, including southeastern Wisconsin.As the baby boom generation drifts off … Continue reading Wisconsin has an IT worker shortage

Want a Raise? Find Out What Your Job is Worth

As a blogger, I get paid in bags of stale Tootsie Rolls. Is that good? I have no idea. Actually, I am getting a better idea of what my job is worth now that I have checked out some salary comparison sites. Specifically, I I’ve found out that there are places you can blog where … Continue reading Want a Raise? Find Out What Your Job is Worth

Framing your social media efforts

When Chris Brogan speaks, I listen. This time I take issue..."There are three main areas of practice for social media that your company (or you) should be thinking about: listening, connecting, publishing. From these three areas, you can build out your usage of the tools, thread your information networks to feed and be fed, and … Continue reading Framing your social media efforts

Stop doing random acts of lead generation!

"I don’t know about you but I seldom meet a B2B marketer who time to think. And it seems that the pressure keeps building as more of us seek to do more with less.That said, it’s vital for us to think before we execute. It’s not about doing more campaign activity… it’s about doing the … Continue reading Stop doing random acts of lead generation!


...to all my new friends from the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce 'How to be a social media rockstar' event -- it was great to meet you all at St. Norbert yesterday! Your heads are probably all swimming from all the content I crammed into the preso yesterday. Is there anything you'd like me to … Continue reading Welcome…