Why most bloggers fail…

...no matter how hard they try... If you visit your favorite blogging tips and marketing tips blog today, you will come across a lot of tips, ranging from tips on writing well to tips on building an audience. The reality is that a lot of new blogs spring up every day, and the majority of … Continue reading Why most bloggers fail…

From $0 to $1000 on a Blogspot Blog

Blogging? ProBlogger has an interesting perspective on monetizing your blog...  It has been a year now since an eventful day when I was browsing the Internet and clicked on an advertisement that seemed an obvious scam: Get 90% off a new iPad. “Yeah, right,” I thought. But I wanted to check it out anyway since … Continue reading From $0 to $1000 on a Blogspot Blog

Perspectives on Posterous

If I only had one tool to use for blogging, it wouldn't be WordPress and it wouldn't be Blogger [although both are great tools that I use every day] it would be Posterous. I'm currently scripting my own screencast on the subject of Posterous, but in the meantime, here are a couple of other good … Continue reading Perspectives on Posterous

7 Things That Blogging Does

Image via CrunchBase Blogging = Critical Thinking. If everything else went away (the readers, the comments, the community, the feedback), Blogging was (and still is) an amazing place to think about an issue or news item and work through it. I liken myself as a Media Hacker. A Blog is a great place for anyone … Continue reading 7 Things That Blogging Does

7 Reasons Your Blog Is Failing

Setting up a blog is not that difficult. In fact, most people can easily use WordPress or Blogger to set one up in a matter of minutes. With the sheer number of blogs today, estimated at 126 million by BlogPulse, only a very small percent of them are actually active and good. The vast majority … Continue reading 7 Reasons Your Blog Is Failing

Finding the ‘Perfect’ Blogging Platform Comes Down to Compromise and Personal Choice

If, like many bloggers, you started out using a free hosting platform, there may come a time when you want the increased flexibility of a self-hosted paid platform. The question many bloggers ask is: “Which blogging platform is the right one for my needs?” but the answer may be far from simple. For a start … Continue reading Finding the ‘Perfect’ Blogging Platform Comes Down to Compromise and Personal Choice

Home bases and outposts…

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has been reading my mail. Or attending my seminars. Or both. Seriously, he does a great job in this video of explaining some of the tactics that I use to drive traffic to my blog...

Taking your expertise for granted

Image via WikipediaThis post from Darren Rowse has me thinking about myself and the people in my trusted network..."I recently was chatting with a new blogger and they made the comment that after 3 weeks of blogging that they’d run out of things to write about. They had written 10 posts so far but felt … Continue reading Taking your expertise for granted