Here’s an advantage that Blogger users have over other bloggers

Me? I use self-hosted WordPress, but after an earlier post about SM2WP, a good friend asked me if there was a similar Google Plus plugin for Blogger. While Blogger doesn’t really have plugins, there is one feature that makes me jelly and that’s Google Plus integration that is built right in.

If you go into your blogger settings, you’ll see a section dedicated to Google Plus integration. My recommendation would be that you select ‘prompt to share after posting’ and ‘use Google+ comments on this blog’. Then, when you post something, save a thought to post to your Google Plus page that would make someone want to read the entire post. Know that whatever you put in the Google Plus comment will be immediately indexed by Google so make it count!

P.S. If you want that final comment to be posted to Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter, use +Friends+Me to automagically cross post it! #blog #blogger #bestpractices

This post was originally posted to my Google+ Page and then imported here. Ask me why I do it this way…