40% of All Tweets Come From Mobile

Image via CrunchBase Ponder this...At CES, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed that 40% of all tweets come from mobile devices, demonstrating mobile’s increasing importance to the social media company. On stage at the AllThingsD event at CES, Costolo bantered with Kara Swisher about why Twitter is at CES, its plans to become simpler and more … Continue reading 40% of All Tweets Come From Mobile

My top picks for May 10, 2011

The truth about sitting down all day [infographic] May 9, 2011 STUDY: Facebook Has Fastest-Growing Brand May 9, 2011 GRASP Lab quadrocopters learn to follow the leader and fly in formation May 9, 2011 Apple Stores receive more visitors than Major League Baseball stadiums May 9, 2011 Facebook Places Don’t Grab Teens’ Attention May 9, … Continue reading My top picks for May 10, 2011

“There’s a map for that”

Image by jimrenaud via Flickr While the Vikings were sticking it to the Packers on Monday Night Football, Verizon was sticking it to Apple and AT&T in the only way they really could; on the issue of reliability and connectivity... Recently, I had the chance to use both my BlackBerry Curve and an iPhone 3Gs … Continue reading “There’s a map for that”

My top picks for May 7, 2011

Google moms share tech tips for your family May 6, 2011 Facebook Enables Shortened Status Tags May 5, 2011 Google Analytics Now Tracks Page Load Speed May 5, 2011 As Curators Proliferate, Media Brands Face Loyalty Crisis May 4, 2011 Who Feeds You May 6, 2011 The 5 Forgotten Keys to Extraordinary Blogging Success May … Continue reading My top picks for May 7, 2011

iPhone, SchmiPhone…

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=357k_8t0QMw Yeah, the iPhone is all that and a bag of chips as we say in Wisconsin, but what if you don't use AT&T and don't want to switch carriers? Or worse yet! You can get AT&T but they won't sell you an iPhone because they don't have coverage there [happened to a friend of … Continue reading iPhone, SchmiPhone…

$38.67 that will change your year

If it's true that the first hour is the 'rudder of the day' than the next few weeks are the 'rudder of the year'. If you lead an organization like I do, here are 4.5 books that will give you all the insight you need to chart a course for the year... http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fmakrai-20%2F8003%2F974832f3-cfc8-4f4e-a456-7f7a36b9a700&Operation=GetDisplayTemplate null Here … Continue reading $38.67 that will change your year