Email Is Not Broken; We Are

Here’s an interesting perspective on the ‘problem’ of email… There's a constant flow of "email is/is not broken" articles across the internet, but most of them miss the point. Email as a system is not broken, but we, through our email behaviors, are. Nearly all of the articles written recently about fixing email have concentrated … Continue reading Email Is Not Broken; We Are

7 tips for better Swyping

No, I'm not talking about stealing office supplies. Swype is an awesome keyboard replacement tool for Android phones. It comes standard on some phones like the Samsung Epic and I have used it on my Evo and my Nexus S. You can get it for your phone at Related articles Swype 3 for Android … Continue reading 7 tips for better Swyping

#hottoppix for June 25, 2011

Things we've been tracking in the past 24 hours... Can You Fall In Love with This Beautiful Girl? June 25, 2011 Top 5 Google Panda Update SEO Survival Tips - Search Engine Watch June 20, 2011 10 reasons why Google's Android powered smartphones can displace iPhone 5 - International Business Times June 21, 2011 Four … Continue reading #hottoppix for June 25, 2011