So you wanna be a thought leader?

Here's what I'm thinking at the close of the weekend and the start of a new week... To paraphrase my good friend Dana VanDen Heuvel of MarketingSavant, the difference between a thinker and a thought leader is that while the thinker has a point of view, the thought leader has a PUBLIC point of view; … Continue reading So you wanna be a thought leader?

7 Reasons Your Blog Is Failing

Setting up a blog is not that difficult. In fact, most people can easily use WordPress or Blogger to set one up in a matter of minutes. With the sheer number of blogs today, estimated at 126 million by BlogPulse, only a very small percent of them are actually active and good. The vast majority … Continue reading 7 Reasons Your Blog Is Failing

Is your website a ‘billboard in the desert’?

In December of last year, I embarked upon an experiment to see if I could leverage a website with a blog combined with social media tools to increase traffic to a site. In that month, my sandbox site had a grand total of 670 pageviews. In the month that ended yesterday, I had a total … Continue reading Is your website a ‘billboard in the desert’?

Who owns the top 5 websites in Kewaunee County?

Here are the top 5 websites [ranked by reach according to Alexa] of brands headquartered in Kewaunee County... e1evation net Could it be that we know something about how to use business blogging to drive traffic to a website? Comment below or 'connect' above to discuss how this applies to you … Continue reading Who owns the top 5 websites in Kewaunee County?

What a blog adds to your business…

I have a lot of preconceived notions about blogging and one of them is that blogs drive traffic to your site, especially if you update them on a regular basis. Along comes HubSpot -- one of the best social media sites on the internet -- with a great blog post about websites and blogs and … Continue reading What a blog adds to your business…

400 posts

Image via CrunchBase Yesterday, I passed the 400 post mark. 400 posts over 18 months. Wow! Roughly a post a day for a year and a half. Is that a lot? Is that too little? I really don't know. What I do know is this -- when I use my 'pass or play' methodology, traffic … Continue reading 400 posts

A Tale of Three Websites

Here's a case study -- unscientific as it may be -- about 3 websites. One is 12 years old, one 7 years old, the other was launched a little over two months ago. The first belongs to radio station WORQ, the second belongs to WTAQ, the third also belongs to WORQ -- both stations serve … Continue reading A Tale of Three Websites