ABC. Always be curating!

Long before I was a website developer, I was in sales and sales management. The other day, I had a convo with a fellow sales puke and we were discussing the top 3 sales movies of all time. They were, in our opinions, Glengarry Glen Ross, Boiler Room and, of course, Tommy Boy! Here's the … Continue reading ABC. Always be curating!

Start me up!

An inside look at my morning routine and the tools I use to bring together... httpv:// In case you missed it, I've covered Google Reader in depth here, Feedly here, Gist here, and Shareaholic here... btw, I'm aware this not my best video yet, but I'm learning to use Camtasia which is a powerful, … Continue reading Start me up!

Autoposting Curated Video to via Posterous

This problem has been bugging me since the beginning of the year. Now it's solved. Finally! [...and without the help from the folks at Posterous I might add...] The pity is, it was so easy and I struggled with this issue for so long. [Sorry about the audio. I'll have to work on that...] btw, … Continue reading Autoposting Curated Video to via Posterous