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Building reputation online may be one of the most critical things you do for your life and career. Whether you go the corporate route and take Seth Godin’s approach of becoming an indispensable ‘Linchpin’ or follow James Altucher’s advice and ‘Choose Yourself’, your online reputation is key and it’s important that you deepen and document your expertise in the field you choose.



Building reputation online is fundamental if you want to ‘get found’ on the internet when people are looking for experts. There’s an instant credibility or ‘social proof’ from showing up in the top of the SERP [search engine ranking page] that is priceless. It’s like the old joke says…


Seriously? It can be important. Think of this scenario: two candidates equally suited for a job but one has built her reputation online through effective use of blogging and social media and the other has not. Who do you think will get the job?

Me? I think it’s the one that has demonstrated that she has done the work and shows up in search in a positive way, but I was wrong once before! Add me to your content reader or however you track websites but in the meantime, do yourself a favor — before the next post in the series comes out, listen to Dorie Clark, one of the world’s leading experts on online reputation and thoughtleadership on a recent Art of Charm podcast and then come back ready to start building your reputation online!


I also invite you to click the image below and download a free preview copy of my upcoming multimedia ebook Get Focused and Get Found!

Get Focused and Get Found. Thoughts on using the ‘elevation workflow’ to build your online reputation by Todd Lohenry

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