Calling all Huffington Post writers, authors and bloggers

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Congratulations! You’ve made it! You’re a writer for the Huffington Post or some similar website. The great news? They do all the heavy lifting for you in terms of publishing, search engine optimization, social media promotion, etc. The problem? They get all the credit! It’s a challenge though to build a site that will help you get found in search — especially when you’re competing with your own content on! That’s where I come in…

2016-07-05_08-49-55The difference between the thinker and the thought leader is this: while they both have a point of view, the thought leader learns to use the internet to create a position that is searchable, findable, knowable, shareable and memorable. Because of all these ‘ibles’ they stand a better chance of becoming credible.

Consider this LinkedIn recommendation from Huffington Post writer and spirituality thought leader Dr. Steve McSwain:

The Guru God of Google

I’ve given that title to Todd Lohenry jokingly. But what he’s done for me and my presence on the world wide web of Google itself is amazing. I don’t remember now how our paths crossed. I think Todd saw something I had written for the Huffington Post or the Washington Post or somewhere. But, over time, the two of us corresponded back and forth and one day I asked him a question about how to broaden my presence. I’m like most people. I have a presence and just enough knowledge of how SEO and Google to be dangerous. And, frankly, the technology is advancing and broadening at such a rapid pace, I find it next to impossible to do what I enjoy doing…must do…and that is share my message with the world and at-one-and-the-same time keep up with the technology.

01da07aThat’s where Todd comes in. His knowledge about Google, how it works, how social media works, how all of these platforms converge and work together to take you, your message, and/or business presence to your customer/client base and to the net world at large is incredible. I highly recommend him to you. He’s a pro and personable and available whenever you have a question. Check him out. You’ll be more than satisfied with the results. I am.” You can email Steve by clicking here and you can follow this thinking on the Huffington Post site here or on his website here.

I am a former adjunct professor of marketing at the Technical College in Green Bay, WI and I have been blogging and using social media to drive thought leadership for over a decade. I offer a wide variety of essential services such as website development or optimization, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing and social media. You can find a full list of services and fees here.

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