Are you a digital “know not” but “have to have”? Back in the late 90’s Elory Rozner, a Harvard student, wrote about the problem and there are still no good solutions!

“By allowing users to access resources otherwise off-limits and to communicate with people around the world, the Internet is supposed to blur the lines of race, ability, and age. Yet discussions of the “digital divide” abound, with the country divided into technology “haves and have-nots, doers and do-nots, and knowers and know-nots.” In other words, not everyone has, uses, or knows how to use technology. There is a fourth group of computer users, a category more troubling than the digital divide itself: have-to-haves.

Created by corporations addressing the digital divide, have-to-haves are people who have to have technology, and they are know-nots of the worst sort: they know not why they are using technology. Have-to-haves do not think critically about technology or understand that the Internet may have serious drawbacks or downsides. This paper documents the digital divide, corporate measures to breed have-to-haves, and effects of a virtual society.” Source: Haves, Have-Nots, and Have-to-Haves: Net Effects of the Digital Divide

I’ve known about haves and have nots but ‘have to haves’ is a new moniker that just makes sense. A have to have could be a senior citizen who has a computer to Skype with their grandkids and it could be an author who needs to promote her thought leadership on the internet. The problem is that many ‘have to haves’ are ‘know nots’ and that’s where a personal digital coach can be an asset!

I have been a VP of Marketing, Sales AND Technology at various times and have been helping people build their brands since the desktop publishing revolution at Apple in the 80’s. I work with ‘have to have know nots’ providing remote support and skills to help them accomplish their objectives. If you’re in this category, I can help…

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