How to use Google Business Messages to talk to your customers

Search Engine Land reports "With more competition than ever, businesses must seize every competitive edge they can get. One way to differentiate your business from competitors is by offering outstanding customer service. But putting your customer support email address and phone number on your website just won’t cut it today. You must be proactive and … Continue reading How to use Google Business Messages to talk to your customers

Thinking Google: The ‘’ edition

Hmmm. Where did the weekend go? I spent mine pondering the demise of Google Authorship, David Amerland's book Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increase Brand Impact, and Amplify Your Online Presence and attempting to understand and deploy Total #geekweekend! Here's the best of what I … Continue reading Thinking Google: The ‘’ edition

Twitter trends this week @e1evation

I’ve hit the Twitter wall! Apparently my ‘twitter ho‘ strategy of follow everyone is tragically flawed…

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization [SEO] trends in my world

Content marketing -- posting relevant content to this blog -- is the way I have done Search Engine Optimization [SEO] in the past. Thanks to my Search Engine Optimization [SEO] bff Ronnie Binser of Video Leads Online, I'm now focusing on doing Search Engine Optimization [SEO] 'on purpose' instead of by accident...

Google trends for 2/1/2012

Google, Gmail, Google Reader, and now Google+ are all a vital part of a content management and marketing for thought leadership system. I use Gmail and Google Reader for content management and Google+ for content marketing. Gmail, and it's business version Google Apps for Business, are critical for managing what I call 'just in time' … Continue reading Google trends for 2/1/2012

Trending topics in Facebook and social media for this week

Love it? Hate it? Facebook must be part of a complete social media tool kit. I originally started using Facebook five or six years ago to start keeping tabs on my high school boys -- now I teach Facebook for Business as part of my social media certification class. I have to admit that while … Continue reading Trending topics in Facebook and social media for this week