Top 3 Tools for Thought Leaders

If you see yourself as a thought leader and want your ideas to be found, I believe there are three tools worth spending money on when you’re getting started. While you can always do more later here’s the minimum you need to get started: WordPress, Buffer and Inoreader. Let’s talk about each one.¶ WordPress is … Continue reading Top 3 Tools for Thought Leaders

Dorie Clark: Thought Leadership 101

I'm glad to hear that thoughtleaders like Dorie Clark still think that thought leadership is a valid term: If you are pursuing thought leadership and would like to put some of Dorie's thoughts into action, I have developed a practical, tactical thought leadership workflow that I outline here. Contact me below and ask how we … Continue reading Dorie Clark: Thought Leadership 101

Thought leadership strategy and tactics

Thought leadership strategy is essential for getting found in Google but how to execute with the fewest moving parts is elegance! DaVinci said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" but what does that look like in a thought leadership workflow? Let's start with some thoughts from Google Plus 'meister' Mark Traphagen: Of Mark's 5 points, items … Continue reading Thought leadership strategy and tactics