How to Improve Your Blog Today

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Blogging is on the rise. 47 percent of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep in 2016.  According to Blogherald Blogger, a big mistake content writers make is audience targeting. This isn’t a reflection of your personal ability or your potential; you may be a talented writer and […] Source: How to Improve Your Blog Today – Content Curation Marketing

Want to be a thought leader? Think like a sniper…

There are many articles about the benefits of business blogging but few mention that the biggest beneficiary may be the blogger herself. Take for example one of my favorite tech writers David Amerland. Recently on Goodreads, he answered a question about his writing process. He said in part:

I write the way you’re taught not to. I put together ideas all the time and link each one with research, other people’s thoughts, comments. Everything. Then, some of them become articles, some go nowhere and some become books and some of the ideas that started out as articles become books, case in point my latest one “The Sniper Mind” that took three years to complete and started out as an article like this: NetAppVoice: The Sniper Mentality: 4 Ways To Think Better Under Pressure

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Know Your Value via @davidamerland

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Content creation is always about relationship building. The moment a piece of content is read a relational exchange takes place. This literally cannot happen without trust of some description being present. That first instance is your Contact point. What happens next will depend upon the perception that initial contact creates. The perception will be weighed in terms of the value the content has delivered against time spent reading it. At that point it is either all over or it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Trust David Amerland to guide you in your quest for thought leadership — he has few peers in this space. Go to the source for more: Know Your Value