Food for Thought: The Content Strategy Burger

Here’s something all-American content marketers can relate to! What makes up the ‘meat’ of an effective content strategy? Digital Strategist Mark Smicklas decided to illustrate what he believes is crucial with this amazing infographicinspired by the American Classic. Source: Food for Thought: The Content Strategy Burger [INFOGRAPHIC] | The Content Strategist Now I’m hungry!

Twitter trends this week @e1evation

I’ve hit the Twitter wall! Apparently my ‘twitter ho‘ strategy of follow everyone is tragically flawed…

Online Privacy Tips

Lately, I have been pondering the price of free. Perhaps it was the revelation @ Mashable that my Google information is worth $5,000 per year to marketers that got me thinking, but for the time being if you decide to use these tools, at least be smart about how you do it… Online Privacy Tips [Infographic] … Continue reading Online Privacy Tips

This week in LinkedIn @ e1evation

LinkedIn has been the 'red headed step child' i.e., the neglected tool in my content management and social media strategy for awhile. Thank goodness my class at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College forces me to get current at least three times per year! Where would I be without those students?