The Growth of Social Media v2.0

Here's an infographic for your consideration and planning:In August 2011, Search Engine Journal published an infographic on the Growth of Social Media. Today, over 2 years later, we’ve created an updated version. Social media has transitioned into an obsession and almost a way of life for online culture, changing the way we communicate with our … Continue reading The Growth of Social Media v2.0

The Social Media ROI Universe

Brian Cavoli of BzzAgent shares... You could say there’s a universe of ways people measure the ROI from their social media marketing. Some of the more popular methods, like counting Facebook “likes” and re-tweets, have very little meaning to the CFO, while other newly developed formulas around engagement can be, well, rather creative. Only one … Continue reading The Social Media ROI Universe

Facebook’s Purchase of Instagram; Another Look

Cool 'infographic' from Tony Shin! Created by: Online MBA Programs Related articles Why Did Facebook Buy Instagram for $1 Billion?? ( How Instagram Went From Zero To $1 Billion In 17 Months [Infographic] ( Facebook purchases top foursquare API client Instagram ( Facebook's Instagram Purchase Spurs Account Deletion Posts ( Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 … Continue reading Facebook’s Purchase of Instagram; Another Look

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And The Social Media Bill Of Rights

This infographic from takes a closer look at the current state of privacy in social media, proposing a social networking bill of rights, and includes an overview of the relative TOS for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As things stand, these social networks are all on your side, although they could certainly be a little clearer about where they stand. Moreover, some official government legislative policy on this legal grey area would be very welcome. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And The Social Media Bill Of Rights [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter