The Reader: Follow Your Feeds, Discover Great Reads

This is a very powerful feature that many people overlook. is not only a great publishing platform, but it can be a great source of content as well. Look into it…

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As you may have heard, Google Reader is shutting down on July 1. As readers ourselves, we understand the importance of a go-to space on the internet for your daily feeds and regular reads — and a place to discover new finds. If you’re looking for a new reader (or are not using it already), we hope you’ll take the Reader for a spin. Check out what you can do:

Import your subscriptions

The Reader can import and export OPML, so you can transfer subscriptions over from another feed reader. Google Reader users can import their subscriptions directly from Google Reader into the Reader. Visit the import page to get started:

Reader Import page

Google Reader users will be asked to select the appropriate Google account (or sign in with a different email address) and grant to access it. For those importing from another feed reader, click on Choose File and then…

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6 Ways To Save Yourself From Drowning In E-mails

I collect articles like this. Over the years I've seen hundreds of articles on email productivity but I've never seen anyone write about my favorite which is this: Don't give your email address to anyone with whom you don't want to do business. Just this one thing will guarantee that your email volume will drop … Continue reading 6 Ways To Save Yourself From Drowning In E-mails

How Can Businesses Build Trust?

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Is Your Smartphone Making You Dumb?

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Two Screens Are Better Than One?

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A Focus on Distraction

Stunning, actually. As economics students know, switching involves costs. But how much? When a consumer switches banks, or a company switches suppliers, it’s relatively easy to count the added expense of the hassle of change. When your brain is switching tasks, the cost is harder to quantify. There have been a few efforts to do … Continue reading A Focus on Distraction