How to Improve the SEO of your Tweets

Google and Twitter recently struck a deal that will help Google surface relevant Tweets in searches. As a result, Twitter gains valuable free traffic and Google gains valuable real-time content. Why should you care? You can spend significant time on SEO to gain access to FREE traffic. The same is true for Tweets and social media. Tweets that appear … Continue reading How to Improve the SEO of your Tweets

Know The Difference Between Queries And Keywords via @neilpatel

In casual conversation, the terms “keyword” and “query” mean roughly the same thing. We know what someone is saying (or writing) when we see the word “query” where it should be the word “keyword.” But there is a difference between the two. A query is different from a keyword. This seems like a semantic and … Continue reading Know The Difference Between Queries And Keywords via @neilpatel

Professional vs Personal Social Media

Interesting perspective on a great article…

Max Hemingway

Having read an article from HBR on “How to Separate the Personal and Professional on Social Media” I decided to look at the Social Media tool I often use and in what part of my Professional and Personal life they fall.

Working on from my Personal Knowledge Management System there are a couple of others shown in the diagram. This is just my quick classification of SMT (Social Media Tools) – everyone else may have a different view such as Facebook for business to reach consumers in particular markets. However it is worth looking if you class the tools as Professional or Personal. A few do sit in the middle for me as they have a place on both sides of the page.

Some of the tools are clearly for Professional use, but some do step either way across the line.

One potential way of keeping things apart…

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How to Create a Great Morning Routine

The first hour is the rudder of the day. A great morning routine makes for a great thought leader…

Let's Reach Success

Knowing the benefits of having a morning routine is the first step of the process. After that comes the decision to create one, and the many trials until you find what works best for you.

A great morning routine starts with getting up early, and then you add a few positive, healthy and successful activities that will get you energized and ready for the day.

But what should these be?
And in what order do you need to do them?

There’s no ideal routine, of course. It takes time and experiments so that you can create the perfect one and make it a daily habit of yours.

But if you are looking for an example, for a step-by-step guide, for an exact morning ritual that has all the important elements it should, then here’s one.

The following infographic (which is my first one, by the way) contains all the things…

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