Blogging is a great way to be recognized as an expert in your field but you don’t always have to create all the content that you share on your website or in social media. Effective curation is another means of demonstrating your expertise and giving valuable information to your followers.

In the following diagram I show a simple curation workflow loosely based on David Allen’s classic work Getting Things Done. There is no shortage of places from which one can gather great content but whether it comes from email, a content reader, a corporate newsletter or a Google search the thought leader must decide whether something is worth sharing and if so how. I will explain the diagram in the video that follows.

Watch the first video here:

The simplest way to implement this workflow is to create a website; don’t worry if you’ve never used before. There is a great online training site at and can be pretty easy to pick up. Next to blogging, the two most important tools or skills to pay attention to are Press This and Publicize. Using Press This you can curate content from almost any website and include it in your blog post. Using Publicize you can automatically share every post to Facebook or Facebook page, a Google Plus profile or page, and a LinkedIn account or page as soon as you publish your blog post. You can also post to Path or Tumblr if you’d like to as well. These three capabilities; blogging, press this and publicize will allow you to share your thoughts with more people faster than any other tool. Stay tuned for another screencast shortly…

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