“I ditched my Android for iPhone — 5 reasons I’m not going back”

The internet is full of articles like this: a tech writer makes a switch, sees the light and wants everyone to follow them to the promised land: “Moving from Android to iPhone just works. Source: I ditched my Android for iPhone — 5 reasons I’m not going back”

Well, in this bifurcated, partisan platform, walled garden world, it’s not that easy. You can watch all 66 Mac vs. PC ads and you still won’t be closer to an answer.

A lot of which phone you should pick depends on things like what computers do they use at work, what computer do I have at home. Me? My personal world is Apple and my work world is Android because in my experience with the work I do it’s just better that way. Google products are the glue that holds them together.

Entertainment options abound in the Apple world: Apple TV+, Apple TV, Apple Music, the iPhone as a remote — all these things make MacOS/iOS the choice for me. Samsung Dex, Microsoft Your Phone, Samsung S10 make a better business choice for me. Don’t accept articles like ‘I ditched my Android for iPhone’ as anything but what they are — just one person’s opinion. Figure out what works best for you on your own!

Follow up 1 week later. The author of the first article is now bitching about the things that annoy him about iOS.

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