On computing and Chromebooks

Chromebooks have been in the spotlight during the pandemic — they became the heroes of remote learning, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice so that classes could continue. Don’t be so quick to relegate them, however, to the kid’s computer category because they also make a great computer for anyone who needs a good, fast, and cheap mobile addition to their computing lineup.

I’m also a Google Fi user for my business phone and last night I discovered yet another reason to love Chromebooks — you can make calls and text from your Google Fi account on a Chromebook!

Mac users who have iPhones will be quick to point out that they have had this functionality for years and they are correct, however, as much as I love that functionality on my MacBook Air/iPhone I shouldn’t have to sell a kidney to afford it!

Sure, the MacBook Air is a fine device, but if you consider the most prominent features to be a reliable mobile device that can run mobile apps and make calls and texts from the desktop, a Chromebook can do all those things at a fraction of the cost — a small fraction.

Questions about what a Chromebook can do? Please comment below or connect with me. I’ll be happy to talk with you about why they make such a compelling computing solution.

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