Simply Powerful Marketing for Supply Houses and Trade Allies

Here’s an old saying you might have heard: good, fast, and cheap – now pick any two! Supply Houses and Trade Allies can now have it all! It’s easier than ever to get found when your customers are looking for electrical and HVAC solutions and the best tools cost nothing to start.

You’ve seen a map like this when you’re searching for a product in Google. It’s called the Map Pack and Google’s intent here is to use online search to drive local purchases.

Local Google Search results in the Map Pack

You might ask yourself how would I get in there so local customers would find me instead of a big box store. The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy. Consider these ‘fast facts’ and then ask yourself if it’s worth the effort to learn how to show up in the Map Pack:

Hopefully at this point I have at least piqued your interest and you’re asking yourself what would I need to do to get some of these results. Take a minute to watch this short video:

That’s everything you need to get started. Please connect with me if you’d like to know more!

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