What technology do I really need as a consultant just getting started?

I’ve been in computing since punchcards, and I’ve seen a few things along the way. The only saying that would be surprising is if I hadn’t learned a few things during that time and developed some Strong biases about what makes a good end to end computing solution for a freelancer or individual consultant that needs the optimal mix of good fast and cheap to start a business.

I call it context sensitive computing — use the right tool at the right time in the right way for the best result!

I think the worst and most expensive myth about technology is that you must be able to do anything from anywhere. I believe in what I call context sensitive computing. Just because you can edit photos on your phone doesn’t mean that that’s the best place to do it so I always think about what’s the best tool for the job depending on the situation. In my world I don’t believe in purchasing a high-end notebook computer because pound for pound it’s the most expensive computing there is. Rather I suggest a desktop computer, an inexpensive notebook and or tablet and a mobile phone. in a perfect world these devices would all belong to the same ecosystem: either all apple devices or all windows and Android devices.

For my friend who’s just launching a consulting business and has an Android phone my recommendation would be an inexpensive desktop computer combined with a Chromebook that will complement his Android phone. Me? I love apple mobile devices and so my recommendation for a Mac centric workflow would be a Mac-mini with an iPad and an iPhone. I think it’s important to stay within a manufacturer’s ecosystem because all manufacturers build interoperability into their own tools to preserve their walled gardens – little things like being able to call or text from your computer if you have the right mix of tools. Of the two different ecospheres the Windows or Linux ecosphere is far less expensive so unless you’re already hooked on Apple technology, I strongly recommend you take that approach. Questions feedback? Please comment below or connect with me on social media.

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