How your email habits might be making you a worse boss

Believe it or not, how a company handles email says a lot about how healthy the corporate culture is!
When managers are overloaded by email, they scale back leadership behaviors, such as motivating and inspiring their team: How your email habits might be making you a worse boss
If you’re seing signs of this in your organization, I may be able to help! Consider this recent testimony from Emily Ford, Director of Customer Relations at Celink, the nation’s largest servicer of reverse mortgages:
“Before my introduction to Todd Lohenry and the Email Efficiency Learning Session, I would often spin my wheels by emailing 9+ hours a day, only to be further behind at the end of the day than when I started. By utilizing Todd’s efficiency tips for just 2 weeks, my inbox decreased from an average of 500+ messages to <200. After another 2 weeks, I hit the “0 message mark” at the end of every day! I am certain my clients appreciate the regular and timely follow-up I’m able to achieve with my newfound efficiencies. Todd saved my inbox sanity!”
The work I do with email addresses both the culture and language of email in a way that helps leaders use email more effectively. You can connect with me on the contact page to talk about your organization…

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