This strikes me as being amazing! I originally started using Ubuntu on my Windows Vista machine because Vista was so bad that sometimes I just wanted to boot into a new OS that was better and faster. I would only go into Windows when I absolutely had to. Now, I can install Ubuntu from the Windows store. Just wow…

Microsoft announced at its Build 2017 developer conference earlier this year that Ubuntu would be heading to the Windows Store, and now the popular Linux distro is available to download.

Ubuntu — like SUSE Linux and Fedora, the other two forthcoming Linux distros heading to the store — runs in a sandbox alongside Windows 10, and offers regular command-line utilities as a standalone installation, with shared access to files and hardware with Windows 10.

In order to install Ubuntu, users will have to navigate to Control Panel (not the newer Windows 10 Settings app) and select the “Turn Windows features on or off” menu. There, you’ll be able to select the “Windows Subsystem for Linux,” which will allow Ubuntu to work following a reboot.

Source: Ubuntu is now available for download on the Windows Store – The Verge

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