There are few people in the world I respect more than David Amerland.
Recently he wrote:

Strategy is frequently confused with tactics and that creates a whole raft of issues for a business. Go to the source for more: Strategy and Tactics

He went on to say:

“You need to think before you do.

Doing is not a substitute for thinking.

Strategy requires vision and information processing. Tactics require attention to detail, discipline and precision.

Knowing the difference between the two requires the understanding that working on the business is not the same as working in the business.”

Usually, I can’t keep up with David intellectually but for the record, I thought my response quite witty considering I’m under caffeinated:

“Tactics without apparent strategy seems to be the way that Donald Trump runs his Twitter account. Tactics without strategy says ready, fire, aim. Clearly, strategy before tactics trumps [sorry] all. btw, not to split hairs with you David, but I prefer to talk about thoughts, tools, tactics and timing as the 4 legs of an excellent campaign. Thoughts of course are what guide you but you must use the proper tools in a way that supports your thoughts — those are the tactics. And as we see in social media, timing is everything. The reason I don’t use that more is people are searching for strategy and tactics…

The more we watch @potus tweeting about wrestling matches with the media, we realize we need all 4 in this order: thoughts, tools, tactics and timing. :-D”

What do you think?

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