Those who know me know that I believe that news aggregation is critical for content marketing and thought leadership and that I have maintained for over two years now that Inoreader is best of class in this category, leaps and bounds ahead of Feedly and all other news readers. Now, the Slant community, based on the input of 273 contributors has concurred with my assertion; Inoreader is the best!

After considering 31 news readers, the Slant community recommends Inoreader for a reader that just works, Flipboard for a social experience and Tiny Tiny RSS for a self-hosted solution. These recommendations are the result of hundreds of contributions from the Slant community. Source: Best news reader – Slant

I am also high on Flipboard as well, but no tool is more powerful than Inoreader in my experience. Click here for an archive of all my Inoreader posts…

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