The Power of Infographics: How Do They Create Impact?

Elliott Cowan shares this on the SEMrush Blog:

It’s important to create visual stories that people share. Sure, we’d love to write you a sonnet about the wonders of data, but no one would read it. That’s why we make infographics at Here’s My Chance. An infographic is simply data visualized. Infographics transform boring data into a captivating, memorable imagery. Asking someone to read a data report requires a lot of attention and time. Turning that report into an infographic streamlines the process while increasing the probability that your reader will retain the information.Humans are visual learners: 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual. Compare the difference in effectiveness between the following text slide versus an infographic.

Source: The Power of Infographics: How Do They Create Impact?

Note the difference:


If you can’t create infographics, there’s a good chance you can find one to support your point on Pinterest. Here’s an interesting example I found recently when I googled the question how many people did John Wick kill in the first movie? Now I believe there’s an infographic for EVERYTHING! 😀

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