I love it when I tool I have used for years makes the top of the list!

This toolset collects and shows you open data about a website you’re on. It looks a bit outdated, yet you can get a general idea from it about the state of a website. As a website owner, you can check out the kind of links there are on a website, the site’s approximate page load speed, regular on-page SEO info, and some traffic stats. But upon testing, I noticed that quite a few of the metrics of Open SEO Stats are off. For example, the toolbar shows incorrect pagespeed and Alexa’s traffic stats, which aren’t as accurate as, say, SimilarWeb’s.

Source: Must Have SEO Toolbars and How to Use Them

Here’s my main reason for using one of these toolbars — it helps assure me that I’m not viewing ‘fake news’ and that the site I am viewing has authority and can be trusted and curated. I have used OpenStats for years but just recently switched to SEMRush…

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