Personally? I reject this thinking. I aspire to what I call ‘context sensitive computing’ — using the right tool for the job. That having been said, I recommend thinking about whether you need a laptop at all!

I use an external display at home and work, and it’s the only way I’ll ever use a laptop moving forward. There are two different approaches to using a laptop with an external display, and I use both on a daily basis. Each style has its own merits.

Source: I started using my laptop with an external display, and it dramatically increased my productivity – Business Insider

While studies do show that two monitors increase productivity by upwards of 20%, imho you should start with a desktop computer, not a laptop.

In my experience of over 30 years of personal computing, most affordable laptops are a compromise of power and portability. I do recommend the dual monitor strategy, but not with a laptop as a base. Desktops are cheaper AND more powerful. Don’t get a laptop unless you absolutely need one…

I wrote about this before here.

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