One of the biggest problems with content marketing is the computer itself. how are you going to create great content you can’t rely on your platform? For that reason I rely on AVG PC Tune Up — and have for years — long before it was acquired by AVG.

AVG PC Tune Up works silently in the background to keep your computer running as well as it can. It does this without sucking the life out of your computer like some other products do. Many people don’t realize that the best day with a computer is the first day and unless you maintain it everyday will be worse than the last until you can’t stand how slow your computer has become or how up and it crashes and go out and buy a new one. My workstation is 7 years old and it still performs at an optimal level. One of the main reasons why is that I trust AVG PC Tune Up to keep things running well.

If you’re trying to create great content but your computer keeps crashing or has become so slow it’s unusable give this jewel a try!

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