Rachel Lindteigen has an interesting article here that I thought was worth sharing. My clients are always struggling for ideas, in part because they don’t see what they do as being unique. This article will help you break down the ideation process and give you some practical, tactical ideas to use going forward.

Think about your customer

When I’m starting the content ideation process for myself or a client, I always start by thinking about the audience first. What information does the audience care about? What questions do they have? If you think about them and their questions, you’ll often find that topic ideas will emerge pretty easily.

Once I’ve come up with a list of questions I think should be answered, I reach out to others who might know my audience. If you have an active social media following, this would be a great time to ask what questions they have or take a look at what they’ve asked about in recent months.

Answer customer questions

If your website has internal search capabilities, you can go through the data to see if there are relevant questions you could answer. If you have a customer service team, they should be your new BFF during the content ideation process, because they talk to customers every day and know what they get asked all the time.

If you can create content your customers need, they’re going to engage with you.

From there, I compile my list and start looking for trends. If I have six questions that all center around a certain topic, there’s a good chance that’s a piece of content I should write.

See what Google suggests

Maybe I’ve found the right topic, or maybe it’s just a good starting point, and I want to keep digging. I’ll take that topic and go to Google to see what Google Suggest gives me using my seed idea.

So for today’s post, I started with Content Marketing, then went to Content Marketing Ideas, and as you can see, Google suggested the following topics:


…which led me to write this column on content marketing ideation.

Go to the source for more: Content marketing ideation: Where do good ideas come from?

Here’s the way I put it. If I’m the answer, what are the questions that would lead people to me. I then use those questions as a filter for the content I create and curate. Make sense? Comment below…

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