David Amerland writes:Google Semantic Search

There comes a moment for those who run a business on the web that they realize a couple of things: first that search is incredibly technical in terms of how it works and second that their efforts to understand what they need to do in order to gain more visibility on search are hampered by this apparent technical complexity. 

It wasn’t always like that. Ranking in search used to revolve around ‘simplicities’ such as keywords, links and volume of content and it used to include some arcane practices such as Pagerank sculpting, link-juice building and text-to-code web page ratio. 

Although it’s true that the complexity (from a purely technical perspective has increased) there are still simple things that every website owner should be doing to help them rank better in search, help them increase visibility on the search results and help them on their quest to grow their business.

Go to the source for more: Semantic Search Basics

No book I’ve ever read on the topic of search was as beneficial as David Amerland’s book Google Semantic Search. If you want to understand the state of search today, you simply must read it…

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