If you only do one thing as a brick and mortar business owner, this would be it: claim your business on Google Maps!

Google provides Google Maps, its free navigational service, in exchange for attention from consumers. It was only a matter of time before it monetized its maps product as an advertising platform. Many consumers have already used the maps app – 1 billion have downloaded it so far – to search “coffee shop near me” or “Thai restaurant Brentwood;” the ultimate goal of Google Maps is to provide the most useful information on the go.

The ability of Google Maps to funnel consumers like this makes it valuable to retailers looking to boost their local marketing efforts. So valuable, in fact, that Morgan Stanley analysts expect businesses to pay Google $1.5 billion in Maps revenue alone in 2017. After all, more than 90% of retail spending happens in physical stores rather than online.

As a CEO of a digital marketing agency, I’ve seen how local SEO is important to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with brick and mortar locations. Google is the new yellow pages – if searchers can’t find where your business is when they are looking for your service, you may as well not exist. I believe that nailing local marketing by having correct local citations and a searchable web presence is a huge portion of search engine optimization for SMBs; having the right information in your citation listings and a website that is easy to find can make or break a sale with someone who is in your area and interested in your offering.

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