Peg Fitzpatrick has some great thoughts here about how to make your blogging authentic.

Nailing down what you’re passionate about is key to making your blog different. Finding your own voice in your writing sets the tone for your blog. The other things that make it unique are your style, fonts, image choices, and other visuals. Always to be as original as possible in every piece of your blog. You want people to come to know and love you and your blog. If you’re stuck on design and branding your visual style, try working with a pro to help hone your brand. It’s a challenge to interpret ideas and passion into color and style. Working with the right person makes all the difference!

If what you’re doing is a knock-off of someone else, people will know it. You have the power to create something all your own – do it. There’s not a shortcut to the blogging process but you’ll find that once you dig in and put in the time, you’ll find the essence of your personality and be able to translate that into writing and creating visuals. Let’s face it, it’s not easy to be creative but it’s fun and it can be really rewarding. You hear things like there’s no new ideas but I believe that all the pieces that have made you what you are (where you grew up, books you love, what you studied in school) can create interesting perspectives and ideas that others may not have had. Source: How to Blog Differently in Three Easy Steps – Peg Fitzpatrick

Trying to imitate someone else’s style in blogging is not a sustainable strategy! “This above all — to thine own self be true”…

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