7 reasons why I love Buffer

Here are the 7 reasons why I love Buffer!

7 reasons why I love Buffer

I’m coming up on the 4th anniversary of the day that I started using Buffer and I love it so much that I tell people if you only purchase one tool to help you manage social media, Buffer should be the one!

Why such a strong recommendation for Buffer?

These are the features that ring my bell right now [although there are many more!]

  • Buffer is completely cross platform and it runs on my mobile devices just as well as the desktop [although there are some functions that are only available at the desktop level!].
  • Buffer is cost effective — my plan costs only $10 per month to manage a dozen social media accounts and up to 200 posts at a time.
  • Buffer shares images flawlessly across platforms so it makes no difference if you’re posting to Facebook, Google+, Linked, Twitter or Pinterest, Buffer will do it right.
  • Buffer recently added an ‘optimal timing tool’ that will get you the best exposure for your content.
  • Buffer has a power scheduler that will allow you to automagically share content in the future, again with the idea in mind of increasing exposure for your content.
  • Buffer has a new tool for creating eye-catching quotes called Pablo. Watch the video to see how it works.
  • Buffer has ‘happiness heroes’ that offer some of the best technical support in the world. In four years I have never had a single bad experience with them.

Watch this to see how these features work:

Questions? Feedback? Comments? Please engage me using the content form below or head on over to Buffer now and get started.

7 reasons why I love Buffer

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