78% of ALL SEO issues are related to images

Raven Tools released a “State of the SEO art” study this week analyzing over 4 billion SEO issues and filled with actionable remedies. Here’s how to fix the number one WordPress SEO issue in 3 minutes!

First, what is the issue? The issue is that publishers are overlooking one critical SEO detail: adding metadata to their images. In the study, Raven Tools found that 78% of all site SEO issues were related to images. They report: “Images with missing alt and title attributes accounted for about 78% of all on-page SEO issues found, making image issues the most common type of SEO issue found.”

How to fix the number one WordPress SEO issue

Here’s how to fix the number one WordPress SEO issue in 3 minutes

While it is easy enough for any publisher to add this metadata to each image, apparently this one simple task eludes most publishers [including yours truly :-/]. There is a way to make this problem go away forever and all it requires is the addition of one simple plugin called SEO Friendly Images by trusted author Vladimir Prelovac, creator of ManageWP — another highly recommended WordPress solution.

How to fix the number one WordPress SEO issue

Click the image to go to the download page

Once you have installed the plugin, activate it and configure it. Just using the default settings is a good start so all you need to do is click the save button and from that point forward every image you upload — and every post should have an image — will automatically have the correct metadata added to it and you will have eliminated the #1 SEO problem on your site.

Let me leave you with this final thought: Google is continually refining it’s search algorithm to find and reward the producers of unique content. Google does not care how pretty you are or how comprehensive your content marketing campaign is. The Google search engine ranking pages only ‘care’ about one thing: are you following the Google Webmaster Guidelines and are you publishing your content according to best practices. You can either ignore my simple suggestion or embrace it but the fact of the matter is it is the responsibility of every individual or brand that wants to build their online reputation to eliminate all barriers to communication with Google. Will you accept the responsibility of embracing SEO or will you continue to scratch your head and wonder why your site gets no traffic?

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