How to focus on the activities that get results is one of the most important issues facing entrepreneurs today. When you decide to go it alone or with a small group of people, all the things that have been done FOR you now need to be done BY you.

Take my friend Michael Rohrer for example. Michael is a writer and ‘bon vivant’ who has his own blog and frequently writes for the Huffington Post. When Michael writes for HuffPo, issues like platform, hosting, SEO and social media are all covered for him by one of the most effective organizations in the online publishing world. On his own blog, however, he has to make all these decisions for himself. So it is with the entrepreneur and it’s even more difficult when you don’t already have a platform like HuffPo to provide some lift.

Yesterday I listened to this podcast by Pam Moore of Social Zoom Factor and it got me thinking:

The takeaway? Pam said she was too busy ‘doing the work’ to explore Blab and that and I’m thinking deeply today about what she said and how to bring it back to my recurring theme of making things as simple as possible!

Anyone reading this or doing this [blogging] needs to think about this: what is the 20% of my work that will get me 80% of my results. This is not an original thought, it’s called the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule [you can read more about it here]. Every entrepreneur must consider this! Watch this and get inspired before you move on…

Now, understand you can’t be one of these people [a world changing entrepreneur] if you are continually getting caught up in the ‘thick of thin things’. I can’t help you with the 20% that will get you the 80% in your business but I can help you with the 20% that will get you 80% of your results online, especially if your objective is to build an online reputation and get found.

Two things you need to do to get found

If you want to get found, here are the two things you must do on a regular basis:

  1. Regularly publish 1-2,000 word essays on a content management system that is well-designed and fully indexed by Google
  2. Regularly find and share great content that is relevant to your online brand on a social networking site that is fully indexed by Google and linked by Google to your domain

[ctt title=”You can always do more, but in the beginning you must focus on WordPress and Google+ if you want to get found.” tweet=”You can always do more, but in the beginning you must focus on WordPress and Google+ if you want to get found. #dothework” coverup=”I9Av3″]
Now, let’s unpack these two activities and understand what they really mean…

Let’s talk about a content management system that is well-designed and fully indexed by Google

‘Content management system’ means a self-hosted WordPress website with a blog. WordPress currently powers about 23% of the world’s websites and for that reason and for its search engine optimization capabilities, it is the obvious choice. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a WordPress resource on the internet and when you consider WordPress itself is free, hosting is inexpensive and resources are widely available, it meets the ‘good, fast and cheap’ test as well.

Well designed? I frequently say that WordPress is just a database with lipstick and rouge. Technically, it is a MySQL database combined with a set of PHP, HTML and CSS files that make it look more appealing. These sets of files are called themes and you can either use a free one, buy one designed by a professional or hire a custom designer.

If you can afford to work with a talented designer like Rachael Albers of RKA Ink do it. If you need a website before that, let Ryan Rhoten’s site DIY Website Guy guide you; either way pick a WordPress theme that is eye-appealing and responsive — personally, I prefer the themes from Studiopress but anything that is a Genesis child-theme will probably work for you. Make sure it’s also appealing to Google from a technical standpoint. Test the theme with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and the ‘Mobile Friendly‘ test. Later on, don’t forget to use Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to make sure your site loads fast as well! These are just a few of the considerations you need to cover on your own or with a web designer and a search engine optimizer.

Last on this topic? Whatever you decide to do, spend some time in the Google Webmaster Academy to make sure that Google can fully understand your site and content:

Thinking about creating a website? Great! Webmaster Academy has the information and tools to teach you how to create a site and have it found in Google Search.

Who should take Webmaster Academy?
Anyone who’s interested in creating or improving their website can take it. Whether you’re a business increasing your web presence or a photographer putting together an online portfolio, we can help you get started.

Intro to Webmaster Academy – Search Console Help

Whenever I build a site for someone or do an SEO audit, this is the second thing I check. Frequently, I find the site has not been entered into the Google Search Console and when I do that, that traffic might increase 5-10x immediately after I do. If you don’t do this, I know it’s hard to believe but Google may never find your site! There are now almost 200,000 websites launched everyday and no one really gives a damn about all the work you did to get your site online. If you don’t enter your site into the Google search console you have to wait until someone links to your site and the Google bots cross over from an indexed site to your site. Currently Google only indexes about 5% of the internet so if you don’t make sure that your site is indexed by Google your site might never be indexed. Take the time, therefore, to go through the Google Webmaster Academy and learn how to take this critical step. If you don’t you’re just wasting your time if your goal is to get found.

Now let’s talk about a social networking site that is fully indexed by Google and linked by Google to your domain

Currently there is only one and that is your Google Plus page. Google Plus pages are fully indexed by Google for semantic search AND they offer the benefit of being able to link your domain to your page to establish Google Publishership — an added benefit that signals to Google that your website and your Google Plus page are ‘one’ and acting in concert. You also get the benefit of having your page profile picture showing up in search like this which helps set you apart:


The Google Plus page will also help you get found in private search. My page gets 60x more traffic than my website and I use it to drive people to my site. As you can see here, most of my internet referrals come from Google+:

Social traffic

Click the image to enlarge

You can start your page through the Google My Business program and there are a bazillion resources that will help you get started — Martin Shervington’s Plus Your Business page is a great place to start!

That is my advice

I’m sorry if you were expecting something more, but in my practice I am always trying to break things down to the activities that really matter and if you want to get found, the two tools you need to master are WordPress and your Google+ Page. I’ll be doing a Blab to talk further about this post tomorrow afternoon at 13:00 Central Time in the US [GMT -5] so you can either post your questions below or join me online then [subscription link].

Here’s the blab discussion from Friday 9/11…


Things must be made as simple as possible

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